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This is Your Life

You can still create it the way you imagined it when you were a kid

Are things the way you want them to be? If not, check out the resources on this website and find the tools you need to have the relationship, the business, the joy you truly know is possible.


Receive daily tools to create the life you desire. Create beyond what you thought was possible with a dynamic community of people, led by Sophie.

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Click here to receive the kit to accelerate anything you are currently spending time and energy on: relationships, business, adventure. These tools will allow you to wake up excited and fall asleep curious and happy.

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You have taken an Access Consciousness® Bars class and you are now a certified practitioner. How do you go out and promote yourself? Sign up to receive Sophie’s tips and tools! 

Change Your Life

Did you always feel like it is possible to have and be a lot more? Come meet Sophie at one of her live workshops to learn foundational tools and create a life of ease, joy and glory!

Not a Guru

Empowering you to know that you know.

Are you an eternal seeker? Is it time you acknowledged who you are, what you know and what are your gifts? If you are not completely being you, the world is missing out. The tools on this website are designed to reveal to you the beauty and power you truly are.


Sophie facilitates workshops all over the world on being you, relationships, business, creativity and more. Check out the calendar of events. 


Sophie speaks on relationships as well as doing business differently for corporate and institutional events. Go HERE to find out more.

Coaching programs

In-depth coaching program on relationships: finding the right person for you, making a good relationship great or going through divorce with ease.


Sophie has written books on Creativity, Relationships and Being You Beyond What Every Body Else Thinks. More information coming soon.

Sophie is pure joy personified! Her creation of Being Oui has allowed me to step into the greatness of me. The communion of all its members is an energy I love. Thank you Sophie.


Sophie constantly delights and surprises me with her unique and fun approach to creating change. Thank you Sophie for giving me the tools to finally be me.


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