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The life you dream about is possible. All that is required is for you to be you, without judgement, without expectation, knowing that the universe has your back. This is what I invite you to discover.


Sophie’s coaching is intuitive, sharp and takes into consideration the work you have already done. Sophie helps you see what is true for you in relationships, finance, business and creativity.


Sophie leads workshops all over the world to initiate the change and difference we all truly want to be and see. Some workshops are on specific topics and some give you a broad set of tools to create anything you desire.


Motivational Speaking is from the 90’s. When Sophie talks, she empowers the audience to create something different

Video Series

Sophie Mihalko and Gosia Lorenz give you many different perspectives on several topics like Business, Money, Bodies, Wrongness, Family and more!
I looked up the definition of fun in the dictionary and what did I find Sophie Mihalko’s classes. Sophie exudes a sense of pure joy in living and has the acuity to see through your BS and help you make breakthroughs. Go see Sophie. Peter K.