Before I started Access Consciousness I did everything I could to make my dreams come true. And I have to say I must have done something right because ALL of them came true. As I wished it, it came true.

These dreams were phenomenal. I moved across the world to go to the number one film school in the world, I married someone who adored me through 3 weddings around the world, I got my dream house and I worked on some spectacular projects (one of them being called “the musical spectacular”, I am not making this up).

So there was no “reason” for me to add one more modality to my belt. I could choose a dream, write it down and see it come to fruition. Except that it was hard. Except that it was what I thought I wanted, not what I knew I wanted. And except that there was no ME in any of them. All these dreams came from what other people said I should want.

The first time I heard an Access recording I thought it was very strange but I felt so light. It was like someone had found the key to my true self and was giving it to me. Fast forward a few weeks later, in my first Bars class. It was so easy and simple I thought someone was playing a joke on me. And that’s when I got that I had been doing it the hard way. There was no reason why living my life had to be hard.

SInce then, almost 3 years later, I always ask “how can this be easy?”, and “how can this be fun?” and guess what it is! However, I discovered it is easy and fun only if I get my mind out of the way. Being French and a great thinker, that would not be easy if I did not have Access The Bars. But The Bars take away the chitchat, the nagging thoughts and the monkey business that distracts us from the awareness. Awareness guides us toward the steps that will lead to the greatest results.

Awareness is elegance. Thinking is too much work. Getting your Bars run allows you to receive awareness with ease and prevents thoughts from getting in the way.

How does it get any better than that? 

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