I am really nervous to write this. I have thought about this for a long long time and never dared saying anything because I could tell how important this topic was to so many people. But today I am starting to see how the unkindness and violence in the world is related to this. So with the knowing you may hate me for this, here I go.

Stop defending the rights of the minorities. Instead, start creating the possibilities for everyone.

If you are defending, there is a fight somewhere, you are pushing against someone or someone’s idea or belief. It does not allow you to create because you are too busy defending.

There are very few people that are NOT minorities now. So by definition, the minorities have become the majority. Minorities don’t need defending or protection, they need to be looked at differently.

If you are talking about me as a woman, even if you are a woman, you are discriminating against me. I maybe a woman, but sometimes I do everything a man does. My sexual organs do not define who I am. I get to choose who I am every single moment.

I understand how many groups of people were oppressed and I do wish it had been different. But reminding ourselves of the wrongs of our ancestors is only bringing that energy back into our present moment. It does not allow us to create greater possibilities for all.

So next time you decide to do something for a specific group of people, ask yourself: what possibility am I excluding here? Who wants to be included that is not?

That’s probably the only political rant you will get from me.