I remember saying to friends and family members “I really suck” or “I am not good at this”…. so that they would make me feel better by telling me it was not true and that I was good.

Even if they followed my manipulation the better feeling did not last long, since it was only when they said it.

Most of the time, they would not respond or talk about something else. You see, when you truly think you are bad at something, the whole world will agree with you.

I used to think I was a terrible singer, so my whole family would ask me not to sing at dinners (my dad would always play music after dinner and I wanted to sing along with him).

One day I decided to be part of my school choir and the music director put me in the Second Sopranos group. That fit my voice perfectly so he told me I was doing well. Suddenly, I thought I was a good singer. And when my family came to the recital, they even agreed with me!

Am I a good singer? Depends who you ask. The people who have bought my lullabies to help them fall asleep sure do.

The truth is people will pick up on how we think of ourselves and think the same thing. If you want to get hired or booked, think of yourself as the perfect candidate and you will get the gig! It has worked for me every time!