I am writing this post after 8 days of intense, joyful, reality changing workshops with Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer. I also spent 5 days with amazing women in Paris, exploring where we limited ourselves and what else we could create.

Now more than ever I feel like everything has changed AND everything I am discovering has always been there.

I am in a highly uncomfortable place, where it’s challenging to find something that is only one way.

I just can’t live my life based on expectations any more. Those expectations are so small, they so do not represent the infinite possibilities of my life. The funny thing is, the universe agrees with me and has already shown me it won’t let me live based on expectations anymore. How did I get so lucky?

I came home last night with a big expectation. I made it very significant, very important. The universe did everything it could so my expectation was not met. Rightfully. It allowed me to see a side of me I had forgotten about: the needy one.

It is quite uncomfortable to be facing the needy me when I have been facilitating joy, ease and total space for people for 5 years. Needy had been hiding and she was now coming out in force.

I started by fighting Needy but she was still here. So I asked her questions. What does this create? She said comfort. I thanked her but I had to acknowledge that now, being uncomfortable is so much more fun than being comfortable.

It means I am choosing and creating something new! I am choosing and creating more! I don’t know what it will create yet but I do know it has t be created.

Uncomfortable is now my new normal!