Business Coaching

Richard Branson

Richard Branson


I have worked with many large (0ver 8000 employees) and small (1 or 2 people) in different capacities:

– Business Organisation (Systems versus Structures)

– Rediscovery of the Joy and Ease of Business (Entrepreneurs who have been doing the same thing for a while)

– Business development (How do I get started or Where do we go from here?)

Your Options:

1 – Business Clarity and Creation:

Our first step is to do a 1 Clarity Session (session where we establish what is going on and look at the limitations in place that prevent you from creating more with ease) and figure out where you are, where you want to go and what’s in the way. My promise is that after this session you will gain a sense of ease and joy around your business.

Our second step is mine. I deliver to you a proposal on what it would take to get you where you want to go. The proposal comes with different possibilities of us working together. (Because no two people are the same)

Every session is recorded and you will get reports in writing with notes, resources, etc.

Book a Clarity Session ($250)

2 – Video Coaching

I am a filmmaker and video editor. I am also a facilitator of Right Voice For You®, a program that helps you express your unique voice in the world.

Using a combination of my experience and education I will help you create a video that reflects the YOU that has been hiding and that every one wants and needs.

Email me your situation and I will let you know what I can contribute to you.


No matter what your business, what your situation, my expertise and capacities will allow you to create and enjoy new possibilites at all stages of Business.

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