My house is a mess (although clean) and my car is full of little things too. I was always told I was messy and I needed to organize myself.

I will admit that if I have to look for something for more than a minute or so I know it’s not working and I will start organizing things.

BUT most of the time I know where exactly is, it’s just that the way I organize things is very different than the way most people organize themselves.

Because I am always in creating mode I want to keep everything I use for creation close around me. So my clothes, my camera, my computer, papers with notes and advertisement that have the energy of what I am creating can often be found within a feet or two of each other.

In order to created unashamedly what is me, I have to have all the pieces at hand pretty quickly.

The creation in which I involved myself often includes movement. So if I have to get up and go to different rooms to gather the pieces of my creations it will work better than if everything is in one place and I do not have to move much.

Chaos is simply a different way or organizing everything that looks different than what most people would expect. In chaos I recognize the generative power of the question: “what else is possible I have not considered yet?”