I have two daughters, 10 and 9. And they are my best friends. They are silly, they care about people and are very clear on what they want.

I talk to them like I would talk to any adult.

I realized early on that even though they have not been on this planet in this physical incarnation as long as I or their teachers, they actually know as much as people who have been around for a few more decades. They have intelligent conversations, can argue any point with ease and make a lot more sense than many people.

Children are younger, but they are actually much more intelligent than we (older people) are because they don’t have the reasons and justifications for thinking something cannot change. They just go ahead and change it.

I recently had an argument with their school principal who raise his voice at my younger daughter because she warned her friends he was coming. I asked that he does not raise his voice at my daughter and he responded – he talked to her the way he talks to his own third grader. I said well at home I talked to her the way I talk to an adult.

This is where I realize how different I am. No matter the age of the person I talk to, young or old, I don’t change my tone or talk to them in a way that I would not liked to be talked to. There are some people for whom unless you use some kind of “passion” in your voice they won’t hear you but these people tend to leave in Europe LOL

With this blog post, I want to suggest to all educators or “handlers” or those beings we call children to please know that you have nothing to teach them but they would love it if you started creating with them.

What else is possible with children we have not considered yet?