kingdom of weAs I said in the intro video of this website, while I continue to create more in my life, creating just for me is simply not enough.

I live on a beautiful planet, with beautiful people and amazing animals. I am highly aware that we have only achieved a small percentage of what we are capable of.

So I will make you a promise. I will stop buying into any solution, answers or ideals that try to fix anything.

I am not broken, neither are you and neither is the planet. We just aren’t creating for the right people.

When we just create for ourselves, we are in a vicious circle. We have to look at our problems and limited resources and pray (or invoke) that someone will be kind enough to give us some of theirs.


When we truly create for all (that means me included) we have to look at all the energies we have been pushing out of our lives because they were not like us, they were not serving us or we could not make them fit. These energies are not something you can really describe. They are a million different things. People. Experiences. Something we don’t know yet.

Understand, a whole lot of these energies were actually hidden by emotions, feelings and thoughts.

The REAL secret is that we have NO thought, feeling or emotion. NONE. That’s a total invention. OK, I will wait until you pick up the pieces of your heart.

But while you are trying to fit back into the mold of the “human being” that was given to you, could you please notice the space that I just gave you? No more right, no more wrong, no more fair, and best of all, no more so called FEAR.

Gary Douglas and Dain Heer recently did a radio show on Voice America about Distractor Implants (say what?). Do yourself a favor, and listen to it. You may start to understand what I am talking about. Click HERE.

Why is this so important to what I am talking about here? Because once we give up on those distractor implants we will become aware of what is TRULY possible. Everything you never dared imagining is now possible.

I am ready to create for all of us, are you?