I am a member of several Facebook groups for people suffering from depression. These groups were created by other people so I am not allowed to give tools and tips to people. I only comment from time to time if someone has an experience I can relate to I will tell them what I did to get out of it.

There is something I wish I could say to people suffering from Depression. CREATE.

Creation moves our whole being, including the body. Creation is the breath of life. When you create you just can’t be depressed.

And I know several people would tell me – but when I am depressed I don’t feel like creating.

I get it.

It’s very simple though. Creation starts when you are acknowledging you are creating. If you are simply watching TV in your living room, you can say you are creating a time of relaxation. Then ASK: What else would I like to create? May be your next creation is the most delicious glass of water your body is asking for? What else would you like to create? Maybe your next creation is connecting with an old friend. What else would you like to create? Maybe your conversation reminded you of the article you would like to write? etc.

Creation ignites creation. When you acknowledge what you are creating, the universe beings you more energy, time, resources, possibilities, people to create with.

When you create, depression has no room to exist. When you create, you start receiving signals from your body before you get sick. When you create, the joy of living courses through your body and being.

Start acknowledging your creations and your creations will contribute to you more than when you ignored them!