Beyond Divorce

Rediscovering the Joy of Being You
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You do not have to go through Divorce or re-building your life after divorce by yourself. I am here to help you regain a sense of confidence, rediscover who you are and start creating the foundation for the life you truly desire.


Beyond Coaching

Now you know is the time for you to have what you really want.

It starts by looking at what is CURRENTLY happening (the past is not something we need to figure out, just to use to our advantage).

It then means you get to look at what being you means, what it looks like and what you need to have to support you now.

It continues with the foundation of your new life.

Sophie Mihalko teaches you the tools, you get to go and play with them and then together, via coaching sessions, you implement them and take the actions required.



The Program

3 modules of 30 videos with the tools you need to discover, change and choose.

3 x 1 hour sessions per month for 3 months

1 book a month

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