Elegance means obtaining the greatest result with the least effort.

Laziness is not doing what we know would create what we want to create.

When someone is choosing elegance they will not necessarily put in as much work as someone working hard. They will choose what will create results with the least amount of work. However, people who think that unless you work hard you won’t make it may judge people who choose elegance as lazy,

I was listening to a brilliant speaker last night and she talked about how she used to do everything she could to make people like her. What that meant for her was she had to work really hard.

So I looked at the concept of “deserving it because I worked hard” and I can see how it is such a real thing for so many people that it’s easy to think of ourselves as “unworthy” if we are not working hard.

However, if you tap into the universe of someone like Richard Branson, there is a lot of elegance in his universe. He gets results. He puts his energy (a lot of energy, not necessarily a lot of work) where he will get the greatest results.

Instead of looking at how much work we are putting in, let’s look at what results we are getting. What are we creating in the world with what we are doing?

I will always choose elegance over hard work. What do you choose?