I just had a very interesting conversation with a dear friend on Facebook about worry. She found herself worrying so instead she focused on all the ways things workout for her. I applaud this as it often reminds us of what else is possible that we had not considered yet.

head in the sandBut I also often see people bury their heads in the sand and ignore the awarenesses that were under the worry.

I get that by looking at what does not feel good we may create more of it if we keep buying into the lie that something is wrong. But if we don’t look at it we will never be aware of the points of views we have that solidify that into our reality. (That’s called a pattern 🙂

When we only look for what feels good we pretty much close the door to anything we have decided in advance does not feel good. Which means relying on our past. But when we are trying to create something new, using our past to choose what comes next is the equivalent of making a U-turn.

Often, creating something new requires that we let go of anything we feel is good or bad. We simply move forward, which means we try things and if they don’t give us what we would like to have, we choose something else.

A little bit like dating.

When we create something new, we do not know if it’s going to feel good or not. And until we choose to have it, we will not have the awareness of what it will create.

To quote Gary Douglas, “What if the future you can have is greater than anything you can imagine?”

So get your head out of the sand and ask: what else is possible that could show up if I had not decided it would feel good or bad?