One morning I found myself with a dear friend sitting in my living room. He was very depressed. I spent 15 minutes asking him a lot of questions and letting him come to his own awarenesses. His universe opened up to more possibilities and I would have been a happy camper just to see the sparkle in his eyes.

But what happened was that my day became so much more fun, so much more easy that I knew I had to do more of that.

Free Morning Facilitation only takes 15 minutes before 10 AM PST. It is very different than regular and on-going facilitation or coaching. We look at what is up in your universe in the moment that we chat and we allow YOU to become aware of:

– What is actually going on? (instead of what you think is going on)

– What would it take to change it? (if you choose to change it).

So don’t join me 🙂 After all, it’s free…..