It started when my first child was about 3 months old and we were at the famous Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles (the one on Fairfax and 3rd). It is one of these places where you think everybody would come and relax but it really is a place where people check each other out, celebrities go to get seen, and single people hope to meet their soulmate.

Here I am, with my three-month-old baby wailing because she is hungry. My breasts are full of milk. It’s a pretty hot day so all I have on my is a tank top. No cover up. Right there and then I knew nothing else mattered than feeding my child. So I lifted up the shirt, got the nipple out and my baby fed. In the middle of Farmer’s Market.

I was happy. Yeah, they all looked at me weird and I felt a lot of judgmental stares. And I also knew that if one of them had said anything to me about how inappropriate it was I would have killed them. Because in that moment, I could not care less what people thought of me.

Being a mom, my priorities are whether my children are healthy, safe and happy. Anything else is second. Anybody’s judgement of me for dropping off my kids to school in my PJs or telling their teacher to mentally send them the answers to the tests or letting them eat ice cream 5 minutes before dinner is like wind in the leaves. It is there, I am aware of it, but it is in no way going to affect me.

This allowance for myself spilled in all areas of my life. In my business, in my relationships, it really does not matter to me what other people think of me. What matters is whether it works for me and the people around me.

I thought I was self-confident before I had children. Since I have children, I KNOW self-confidence in every since cell of my body.

Ooops 🙂