I spent years judging my body for how skinny it was. Then I had children and I started judging my body for the weird shapes and colors it took.

Because of all these judgements, my body would never change the way I wanted it to. It also created a lot of illnesses and intensities. It impacted my relationships, my creativity and my life in general.

It was time I changed it. I started actually listening to my body. I chose to trust it. I stopped second guessing it. What does that look like? I started buying the clothes my body wanted, not what I thought I should wear. I ate whatever my body wanted at the time it wanted. I slept as much or as little as it wanted.

This constant conversation I had with my body allowed me to drop the judgements I had on it. It became this intimate friend that I simply could not judge anymore.

Ultimately, I was able see the beauty in all of my body. All the parts I use to judge are beautiful, even naked.

To prove it to you, I am sharing these nudes with you.

How does it get any better than being grateful for one’s body?

Nude 1_burned   Nude 3_burned