To me being happy is about being grateful for everything. Being dissatisfied is knowing I can create more.

I am happy to know there is more I can change and create.

I am always dissatisfied with myself and with what I create. For instance, when I write these blog posts I know I could say things better, there may be some prettier words to use or some more details  I could give you.

But if the blog post makes me smile it gets published.

And I am happy. You get to read the post as soon as I push publish and if you like it you can share it and someone on the other side of the world may read it and smile too.

I love knowing there is a possibility I made someone smile today. Or sigh of relief because they know someone gets them.

But most of all, I am happy to be dissatisfied. To know there is always more I can create. Always more smiles to trigger and always more people to make sigh of relief knowing I get them. I love love love this feeling there is so many crazy possibilities out there with the molecules and the space between the molecules.

So no one needs to ask me if I am done looking for more anymore because if I am then you really wouldn’t like me 🙂