Nope. Neither is my body. At least in this present moment, that is not something I am choosing.

Does that mean I do dangerous things thinking I can’t die? NO

But it means I am not looking at “an end”. Have you ever noticed how at some point in our (early) adult life we look at what we have to do now because we will not be able to do it later? Or we wait to do something before we want to do it “at the end”.

I don’t have a timeline. My life has gone in all kind of directions and while my body still reflects many people’s realities of times through wrinkles and other side effects it does not mean I think I am going to die.

Death is a choice, a valid choice for some just not for me. I have too much to do and be and I just am not choosing it, even though many people I love have chosen it and will continue to choose it.

Does this mean I have control over my body? Yes and No. My body and I we are partners and now that my body knows this choice it is giving me all kind of uncomfortable signs as to what to do to maintain it so we don’t die. Of yes, very uncomfortable.

Sometimes I think I am going to change my mind and then something beautiful happens and I keep choosing to live.

What a new choice, isn’t it? Are you choosing to live too or are you choosing to live “until you die”?