I am so grateful for all the outpouring of appreciation for yesterday’s post. There was a strange energy that came up for me. I kept thinking “I am not that brave”.

Hear me out. Being brave means there is something you are afraid of and you are doing it anyway. Being naked is not so scary to me. I have done it before. Sharing it as pictures is definitely stretching beyond my comfort zone but I never thought it was so scary it could stop me.

The thing with me is I pretty much do what I want. I know it drives a lot of people in my life crazy. I get it. If I think doing something is going to create more joy or ease for me and others I will do it. Even if some people think I should not.

Yesterday, after I posted the nude pictures, I got a request from someone close to take them down. They gave me their perspective and I get that their perspective is correct in THEIR world. Not in mine. I told them I got their perspective and it can co-exist along mine. I just choose to have my reality (which is that all bodies are beautiful).

I am also not saying “I do what I want” as an act of rebellion. I often do things that are fine by everybody else as well. And I ask myself and the universe a lot of questions before I chooose something big. I like to make sure every one (including me) will get more ease and joy out of my choices.

Maybe it’s because being brave was never an option for me. It was always the path I chose. It was not an option whether to live, walk or love. I had to. That’s why I am here 🙂

Where are you brave you are not acknowledging and where do you be you that you think is an act of rebellion?