I often hear people say you know someone better by observing their actions than listening to their words. With me, neither one will tell you who I am.

I am ever changing. I don’t like definitions so while a multitude of them may be correct there will be a lot more appropriate the next 10 seconds.

And how much fun can it be to not really know who someone is?

Can you still trust them?

When I posted the nude pictures a few days ago I trusted all of you with them.

Many of you don’t know me and I don’t know many of you. But I trust that you will do what you will do. And if at some point I get the awareness that that blog post is no longer creating the energy I wanted to have I will take it down.

So I may be the kind of girl who posts nude one day and then the kind of girl who takes them down just because the next day.

One thing you can know about me is I may surprise you 🙂

Are you willing to surprise every one? Are you willing to be inconsistent?

What is the value of inconsistent? Well, you will never be bored with me for once and it makes me always be the best version of me.

I can’t rely on any past accomplishments. I always have to be me in the moment, regardless of what I did before.

How does it get any more fun than that?