As I am writing this I am living a great time of change and being more me than I have ever been. Therefore they are things I am now willing to see that make me uncomfortable and I will go past that to create something different.

Playing within the rules is one of them.

I don’t like any kind of structure. In fact I would say laws are for other people. Although I am a good standing citizen, I actually don’t really care what the law is. I will respect others and demand the same for myself and the people around me. Beyond that, I say it’s so much up to interpretation, the laws and official guidance systems we have given each other are just too subjective for me.

I have pretty much done everything that I ever wanted to do my way. During my divorce I told my lawyer “I don’t care what you say, this is how I want it and he agrees”. It was done, signed and delivered before the lawyer had the time to send me the lengthly questionnaire to supposedly protect myself.

However as I am asking what it would take to go bigger, while I am aware that being a misfit and as controversial as I truly be is an asset, I am also clear that playing by some of the rules of this reality is what will give me access to the people who think playing by the rules is the only choice yet are dying for someone to tell them something different.

In the last few months I have had whispers of ways to do that and this writing is one of them.

So if you would be so inclined as to giving me a rule you know or think there is no way I will respect, I can see how I can turn that to my advantage?

Thank you!!!