I often hear people say they don’t like change. Some are even afraid of it.

I personally love change. Do I have control over the outcome of change more than anyone else? Not particularly. I think the only difference is I know that no matter what change shows up it will somehow match at least one thing I have been asking for.

First, I am not afraid to look at what is not working. I see so many people “tolerating” their lives, I would rather be highly uncomfortable and dig deeper so I can create more. For instance, the way my physical space is organized is not working for me. I do find my things but I forget about the things I cannot see and the space is just not pretty to look at. Pretty is a big deal for me, so it has to change.

I was blaming others for a while. I said “they want me to change because it does not work for them”. But that did not give me much power.

So I asked what else is possible and stuff showed up. The change that showed up did not feel good at first. It even made me think it was not “like me” so I rejected it for a while. The people, the information, the physical nudges from my body, everything was showing me change and I ignored it.

Then I realized I was NOT RECEIVING what I had asked for.

So now I am in the midst of change, observing it, diving in, taking it all in but never JUDGING it as wrong. It looks different than what I thought, it feels very strange but the energy it brings is fresh, exciting and full of possibilities.

How does it get any better than that?