I wonder if this post is going to get as many views as my nude pictures post? I actually hope it gets more.

I have noticed that many people think they do not have control over the sound created by their body when they are passing gas. There is nothing further from the truth.

All it requires is being aware of the part of the body that creates the sound. If you are willing to be aware of it instead of ignoring it you can ask your body to expand, to have more space so that the gas itself has more space to pass and will, therefore, create less sound.

Why do I care? I really don’t. I have noticed however that my interactions with people are highly influenced by the sound made when either I or they fart. Relationships are complicated enough without having to add this sound to the interaction.

I don’t like feeling like I don’t have a choice so I imagine people who think they cannot not make a sound when they pass gas must feel pretty disempowered.

So here you are. Now, you have the choice to either make a sound or not make a sound when you let that bubble of air escape your buttocks.

To choice!