About 18 months ago I left the world of being employed and worked my business full-time. This was something I had been dreaming about for years and I was CONVINCED I knew what it meant.

I had heard stories, and had had a part-time business for a couple of years then so I truly felt that I knew.

Boy was I incorrect.

Relying solely on myself (and the universe) to create a full income is a very different thing than having a guaranteed regular income and creating more when I have the time.

It requires different choices. Like working at all hours, always asking what can I do / choose / create next and always generating more energy whatever form that takes.

There was NO WAY I could have known what it requires until I chose this.

Choosing something means being it even if it’s just for 10 seconds.

Unless you are completely, fully choosing something for 10 seconds, YOU CANNOT BE AWARE of what it will create in your life and what it requires.

However, once you choose it, the universe completely has your back. I was making 3 times what I was making as an employee with my business within 30 days of quitting my job.

So if you feel the universe has not had your back for something, it’s because you have not chosen it yet. You still have a back door. Ask what am I not choosing here?

Choosing something puts in motion your body, your mind, your emotions, and your physical environment. None of it gets left out. I was choosing to have a lot more money and my money was just not growing where I wanted to see it. Then I looked at what I was not choosing that would be choosing a lot more money and it was my space – clearing out my physical space has brought so much more money into my life!

What are you willing to choose now that would bring you the awareness you are asking for?