I run my own business by myself. I made that choice when I quickly realized that most people who run businesses have an idea of what a professional person should look like, sound like or act like.

As you know, I am quite different and trying to fit into anybody else expectation of how to do business just did not work for me.

So I don’t have a problem making videos without makeup or even just out of my shower like this.

I know that because I don’t look like the part of the usual coach / business woman two things happen:

1 – People who don’t want to fit in love me

2 – People who have not given themselves permission to not fit in yet don’t see me

I know that the tools I offer can change EVERYBODY’s lives. And I am aware that not looking like the part of the business woman will make me inaccessible to many.

So what is a girl to do?

Be vulnerable and from time to time, play the part.

I participated in a “traditional” photoshoot yesterday. This means I was asked to wear a lot of makeup and my positions and expressions were directed. I am usually completely free in my photoshoots so this was very different for me. It required I let go of my rebellious nature and fit into a mold of expectations. I have not seen the pictures yet so I have no idea what it will create visually but energetically for me it required I tried something new.

I do not want to look like the part but if it will invite more people to choose to be free, I will match their expectation long enough for them to see me then I will blow their minds (literally).

What are you not willing to be or look like that if you did would create more in the world?