When I was a teenager I started taking acting classes. Everyone in my class had an interesting story, often dramatic. They all had to overcome something terrible and awful to be where they were now and they were using acting to complete the healing process.

I came from an upper-middle-class family, went to private school, and nothing bad had happened to me.

I thought I was too normal. There was nothing extraordinary about me. I found myself wishing I had some kind of super power to show them that I, too was special.

Fast forward a twenty years later. My friend’s three-year-old son falls from a stool, head first. I pick him up right away, put my hand on his forehead and ask for energy to heal him. After a few minutes, he was fine, without even the smallest bump on his head. My friend looked at me with the biggest smile and said I was extraordinary. Excuse me? Are you talking about me???

In the last few years, I have come out of my shell and started being more of me. I use my talents and abilities wherever they are needed. And in doing so, I hear people say how different and amazing I am.

I have no idea how different I am because I am only doing and being me. So I don’t actually see how different I am. I do see some people shy away from me or be uncomfortable around me but I thought there was something about me they did not like.

Notice that I am not using the word different in a negative or positive way. It is simply an observation. But because that difference is such a part of who I am, I do not see it.

So is it possible you are very different too and you just don’t know it yet?