My mom has always told me what a hard worker I was. She says I would always be ok because I work so hard.

Yet I always felt like a fraud. I don’t actually I ever worked hard.

I was good in school but I often figured it out even during tests.

I had several jobs that required long hours but I was hanging out with my favorite people and doing fun things (yes, I love doing spreadsheets).

I don’t think I ever really worked.

Instead, I created. A LOT.

I have always done more than most people my age or my situation. As I am writing this, I am also hanging out with my kid, watching a TV show, and answering emails. My brain works best when occupied. I usually come up with the best ideas and the easiest way to implement them when I am not “thinking about it”.

I digress. To some it may seem like I am working a lot but to me, I am living my life fully.

Workers are managed by labor laws. Labor usually involves pain and effort. Etymologically the word comes from laborer which in French means have difficulty. I have no desire to do anything that require pain and effort. I do not wish to add difficulty into my life.

So I deliberately choose not to work.

Instead, I create. I am always creating. Whether I am responding to something someone requested or creating something completely new and original I am always creating.

I create all the time. From the moment I open my eyes to the moment I close them, I am creating something. And because I am not working I never worry about the results, but always enjoy the fruits.