What I mean by that is that my target is not to have more money than anyone, it’s for everyone to have a lot of money.

I have looked at why people have so many problems with money and a big piece of it is in the choice to say they don’t have enough or they have less than.

My daughter used to ask me how much money I had. I told her it was very challenging to answer that question because it changed all the time. I could tell her an amount that represented what I had in the bank and my wallet but then it could change within minutes.

She would then ask if I had more than her daddy. Once again, I could not answer that as it could change at any time.

And I started looking at that idea of having more than someone else. it is not actually possible to say if we do have more than someone else UNLESS we decide there is only one possibility that we have this amount and they have that amount.

However, if we don’t decide we have more or less than this person or this person then there is an infinite number of possibilities of how much money you can have.

So why not choose to have more?

Like I said, I don’t want to have more money than anyone, I just like money. Because I like money I get to choose how much I have. And many people will decide I have more than them. That’s ok. It’s their choice, but it’s not mine.

I just have money, more or less than anyone is how they see it, not me.

How much money can you all receive if you did not decide it is more or less than anyone else?