This is pretty recent and I know it both annoys and inspires people but the truth is I know stuff.

I know what’s going on with me. What I am refusing to be and what I am choosing.

I know what’s going on with you. What you are refusing to be and what you are choosing.

AND I won’t tell you.

I also know unless you know that you know, what I will tell you will have very little effect except possibly making you feel good or bad for a few moments.

How do I know? I stopped second-guessing myself. I remember as a kid knowing so many things and every time I tried to share it with the adults I was told it was my “imagination” or I could not possibly know about it.

So now, every time I wonder something (truly wonder – I don’t decide ahead of time the possible outcomes) I get an awareness. I may not have words for it right away. So I wonder (ie I ask a question), I walk away from it (I stop thinking about it) and while I am doing something else the knowing will come. It’s not an answer, because that knowing can change before I know it. But it’s true. it works.

You want proof? Try it. Ask a question that you don’t logically know the answer to and where you are not attached to a specific answer (don’t ask what numbers will the lottery have unless you REALLY don’t care). Ask what color shirt your colleague will wear today or what song you will hear on the radio before you turn it on, etc.

You can also know things that people think they have to study for. I am not saying you will become a brain surgeon in minutes (although I would love for you to prove me wrong) but you will be surprised how much information you DO HAVE that you thought you could not possibly have unless you learned about it first.

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