I am selfish, in the sense that I do think about what works for me first.

Sometimes what I choose does not work for other people or it’s not what they expect. It makes sense that because I choose something that does not work for them they call me selfish.

In its origin, the word selfish means full of self. We have made it mean “lack of consideration”.

However, I wonder if we can all be honest with ourselves and truly see that we are ALL selfish?

After all, we say someone is selfish when they are not thinking about us – and in doing so we are being selfish, since we think they need to think about us before they think about themselves?

Yes, from the moment we want to feel good, feel right, feel like we matter, we are being selfish, and that’s not a bad thing. It’s how we are all functioning.

Even if you choose to take care of someone else before you take care of yourself, it’s because it feels better to you and that’s selfish.

People say it’s good to be selfless – devoting their attention to other people’s interest. But can you truly be without a self? If you were without a self – could you really contribute anything to anyone?

My question is, while we judge people who are selfish and command people who are selfless, aren’t we really avoiding a greater possibility? What if we were WE-FULL?