The degrees, the certificates, the awards, the acknowledgments are the ways this world wants us to prove how good and valuable we are.

I went to school and got a degree. I took the classes that give me a title that allow me to teach some things.

And none of it really mean anything because I don’t feel like I have to prove anything to anyone.

Because I have my awareness. I can speak authoritatively on many subjects because as I say the words I can tell whether it is true or not.

I do love to learn and I read a lot and take a lot of classes. But I don’t take tests or exams in order to prove to the world I know anything. I just do! And because I know I know with all of my being people know I know too.

I was hired several times for jobs I did not have the qualifications they originally requested but if they decided to interview me they often saw that I knew I could do the job and gave it to me.

I know people want to know a doctor went to med school or a lawyer passed the Bar but do they ever check which school they went to and what grade they got in school? Maybe some, but most people just go to a doctor without checking.

I am a very smart woman but I don’t do well in exams so I don’t have a lot of formal education. That does not prevent me from making the same amount of money as people who have a lot more education than me.

Without even looking at why this reality needs proof, I know I don’t need to prove to anyone what I know. Because I know. And it works.

What do you feel you have to prove that you don’t?