I spent years doing everything myself. I worked really hard, long hours and with intensity (of course!).

When I moved across country I lugged all my belongings by myself to UPS and picked them up by myself, bringing everything up for flight of stairs. I did know big guys but I did not want to bother them.

I can do a lot of different things very well so it did not really occur to me to ask for help. When my mother met my boyfriend she wisely told me “please, you have to let him contribute to you”. Damn, I was caught!

I know I have asked for the money to come to me in magical ways, but I have to figure out how it’s going to happen, meet a ton of people, waste a ton of hours to make sure at some point someone is going to buy what I am selling. Hmmmm…. where is the magic in that?

I know I have asked for lots of people to find me unexpectedly but I keep checking the stats of all my sites and only see the people I already know there….. what is unexpected about that?

Yep, I say I want the universe to deliver everything to me but I keep trying to do it myself, and even worse, I keep trying to check on the results, when, where and how it happened. Poor universe, no wonder it’s starting to back off from the creating with me spot….

So now, I am choosing something different. I will still do a lot, because I like to. But universe, I am ready to receive in magical, unfathomable, unexpected and inconceivable ways.

I thank you!