Caring for someone else means that I will have no point of view about what the other person does or say. So if you say or do something mean or unkind, I may notice it but it probably won’t affect me.

For someone people, that looks like I don’t care. It actually means I care more than you ever have known hahahaha

When two children fight over a toy, we do our best to help them resolve it without making any of them wrong for wanting it. However, if two people want to be with the same person we often have to decide who should have the person they are fighting over.

Imagine living in the world where no matter how many “mistakes” you make, no one likes you less for those mistakes? Where people don’t consider you inappropriate for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, where there is no wrong way to conduct business and no wrong way to be in a relationship?

Total caring means you will notice when people do things that work for them (and you) but it does not mean you need to create separation from them. So, for this reality, when I completely care for someone it looks like I am not caring because I have no point of view about what they do!