By now you probably figured I am pretty fond of myself – so this title may not make a lot of sense if you have been reading my blog for a while.

But sometimes I find myself criticizing someone – they are being mean or small-minded, etc. Well, I could not see that about anyone else unless I thought I was mean or small-minded.

It’s true that some people are miean and small-minded and if I can notice it without any emotional charge (getting either upset or intense abot it), then I am not really thinking the same about me.

But if there is any charge on it (they should not be that waym it’s wrong, etc….) then I think the same of me. The cool thing is if I am willing to admit that, then I get to see how I judge myself and was not really aware of it.

I remember evaluating a young woman’s speech. One of my first comment was “you are clinching your hands together” and I felt in my body how much that bothered me that she did that while talking to us,

Guess what? I just watched myself giving a speech and I saw myself clinching my hands.

Sometimes I get mad at cashers in the super market for not going fast enough – you can bet that day I am feeling like I have not done enough in my life.


So how do I change that? Well, acknowledging what I am doing is the first step to changing it. And then asking myself if this is true about me? Is it really true that I am not doing enough in my life? Nope. OK, now I can be nicer to the cashier’s.

Hope this gives you some nice self-awarenesses!