They say when something comes abruptly in front of us we either fight or fly away.

I realized recently that I dance.

Fight or flight would mean something came up abruptly and I reach either against it or away from it. I actually do neither.

I have noticed I twirl around the different possibilities until it changes. When something comes up abruptly I don’t react for or against it. I like to look at it from all kind of different angles, I like to face it then look at it from the side, then from behind. I like to get close and then get far. I like to see if it fits in my reality and if it does not. I may try on different emotions like fear, anger, disgust, overwhelm but only a few seconds at a time. I dance with what showed up and invite it to create with me. It is what I call the dance of possibilities.

The way it looks practically is like that.

When People don’t do what they said they will do and it means I don’t get paid, I could easily go into fight mode. Do I change something right away, do I get mad at them, do I let it go, or do I use this to create something else that has been asking to get created?

If someone looks threatening in the street in front of me I can go into flight mode. Or I can ask what would it take to be invisible? Where can I walk so they don’t see me or what if I look at them straight in the eyes to scare them?

What will create the most in this situation?

Next time you sense you are going into a fight or flight reaction, will you ask the simple question: “what else is possible here I have not considered yet?” and start dancing with the possibilities?