WELCOME TOBear with me for a minute –

I have been unhappy lately and I totally get that it’s something I chose. In good ol’ Sophie tradition, I did allow myself quite a few pity parties (and much libations).

Using the tools did not work – questions, clearings, gratitude lists, none of it worked.

I asked myself what I was focusing on and I got that I was only looking at the results: what I was actually creating in physical manifestation. It did not matter that I was having fun along the way, the results were not the ones I wanted to have.

I was choosing money, sex, a new house, and a thriving business. All fine and dandy choices so why did it not make me happy?

I had chosen the wrong destination!!!! I had chosen something that was not inspiring to me, something that did not make me want to get up in the morning.


So you see, it was not about the journey because I knew how to make the journey enjoyable, it was about the choice, the destination. I had chosen to go where every one else was going when what I really wanted to do was explore unchartered territories!!

My body is very happy with me now, much happier than the last two weeks. It even had one of those no-copulation required orgasm that made me weak in the legs. Oops 🙂

What am I choosing next? I do not know what it looks, smells, or sounds like. I do know it allows my body to expand, it may actually even heal other bodies. My new choice is brighter than anything I have chosen before. It is even sparkly. My choice requires that I be completely vulnerable and that I receive from the universe more than I ever dared asking for. My choice requires that I walk in the dark on the sharpest rocks knowing that my feet know where to go. My choice requires that I say things without thinking ahead. It requires me to be naked.

And the coolest thing about this new choice?

It includes YOU!

I do not know how, or when, but I know it includes you!

Yum yum yum….!!