I just received judgment from someone who thinks she knows how I should organize my life. I will be honest and say I reacted against it. My reaction was not pretty, let’s just say a certain F word came out when and where it really should not have. Guilty.

That whole situation polluted the world more than it should have. I ended up being angry and did not create anything good until I could calm myself out of it.

I bet the other person did not feel good either (I walked away from the interaction) and that probably means the people working around her did not feel good either.

I could have just noticed that she judged me and walk away without being affected by it. That would have prevented a whole lot of anger and unease from a lot of people.

And she could have chosen not to judge me.

Judgments are the pollution of this world. Let’s get rid of them. For me, that starts with not judging her for judging me.

Every person has a unique set of qualities and therefore it will be very rare that we always agree with every one. Allowing other people to have different points of view than us is the first step toward getting rid of judgment.

I did what I did and judging myself (or the other person) for it is not helping anything. Instead having allowance for both of us will only create more (and has already created more).

Will you help me getting our world rid of judgement?