I am French, and often people assume that because of the fact I was born and raised in a country where Sex is “a natural thing” I know a lot about it…. That was the further thing from the truth for a long time….

I will spare you all the reasons and justifications why I did not know much about it or how what I thought I knew was incorrect except to say that I had no idea of how REALLY far from the truth I was.

After much trials and errors I ended up getting as much basic knowledge as I could from lovers, movies and friends recounting their bedtime stories. Even then, I knew I was missing something, and none of them had it.

A couple of years ago I read “Sex is Not a Four Letter Word but Relationships Often Are” by Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer. In this book they talk about Sex as an energy that creates. They talk about expansion instead of contraction, possibilities instead of lessons. They empowered me to know what works for my body and to know what other bodies required of me – without making ANY of it wrong.

After reading this it became easy for me to have that energy every where I went, no matter what I did. I invited the molecules to contribute to my body and clothes, food, drinks, chairs, beds, everything was part of my “orgasmic” experience. Orgasms is one way of defining what I am now living although somehow even that word is too small…..

And recently I asked the universe to show me how easy it could be to have that with others. Don’t take me wrong, I still enjoy the sweaty and naked kin d of sex – I just know I can have the expansive, creative and reality shattering kind any time and I was ready to have that with others as well.

I realized quickly that the Sex every one is talking about is one way to get what we actually all want: expansion and loosing control for a few seconds. I now can have that with someone in an instant and they may not even be aware of it – but our bodies enjoy the heck out of it!

Yes, Sex IS a lot simpler than I thought and I invite you to ask “what would it take for me to have what she is having?” 🙂