Mastermind Group

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I often work with people who are either building a business, creating an event or developing their career and I can’t help but feel that working together instead of separately would benefit every one.

So I have created Mastermind Groups of Phenomenal Creation. They take place over 5 weeks. You get to be on the phone with me and 4 other incredible people for at least 1 hour every week. (although plan for 90 minutes because when we get inspired we don’t want to stop!)

During that hour, you will get:

– A few tools from me at the beginning to help you move forward in your endeavor

– At least 10 minutes of personal attention where you state what is currently going on, and you get feedback from me and other members of the group

– Whatever other resource is required for you to move forward that week.

There will be a private forum on which you can request support from me or your mastermind peers.

I use the tools of Access Consciousness® so often you will get energetic clearing loops that you can play during the day to create more change and expansion.

There are times available during days and during evenings. (weekdays only)

Register NOW and tell a friend!

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