burstingI remember being told one day that I wanted to do too many things at once which prevented me from doing anything well. I though the person(s) saying this was right so I tried very hard to only do one thing at a time…..

But it did not work for me. I ended up not doing anything at all, and not even completing the one thing I had started.

Fast forward several years, during one of my first class of Access Consciousness I hear that it is only if I do 10 things at once that I will actually do anything…. Say WHAT?!?

It does make sense since doing only one thing does not work for me. So I start adding things to my life, several jobs, a business, and other projects. And things got really busy. I started looking at everything and thought once again I had to put order into everything. I thought I should have priorities, do this before that, etc… But that did not work before, why would it work now? Giving myself permission to do more is not enough, I also have to change how I do things. I have to start being ME when I do something. Heehee

Being me means something different every day. Sometimes it means playing music, sometimes it means having 5 tasks open at once and do a little bit at a time. And sometimes it means finishing something before starting something else. Being me looks different every day, even though I be me in everything I do now. I don’t try to do it the way others do it anymore.

I wrote this blog post because of a word that someone gave me to inspire me to write: BURST. I realized that recently I felt like I was bursting at the seams because I had so much to do. And I have been holding on to the seams really tight, to make sure I could contain everything and I would not create a mess.

But now, I am actually looking forward to creating a mess. I wonder what beautiful mess I could create now?

If you were to burst, what would your reality look like now?

Let’s check in tomorrow 🙂