I always tell people I have tons of tools to share with them. Then I looked for an image of tools and realized most tools pictured are meant to fix things. My tools create.

Of course there are things some of us consider “broken” – we were abused in the past, we lost someone or something dear to us, and we may have destroyed things we really cared about. But if we spend time fixing things, we don’t get to create much.

And I think we are creatures of creation. Creating is an inherent part of us, it’s what sustains us, just like breathing.

So I am not interested in fixing anything, because nothing is really broken. I am simply interested in creating.

The tools I use, the things I learn, the people I listen to who guide me but never hand me anything, they create too. Asking a question creates. Being grateful creates. Being the caring I truly be creates. Receiving creates. Choice creates.

Creation is not something I judge. I don’t go write a post and think it’s good or bad – I write it because it is the energy that I am choosing to be in the moment I write and this energy creates. This is where creation can end if we are not careful it is easy to do. Judging our creations kill them. Instead, let them live.

I do not know who reads this blog or even who will, I just know it is an energy that creates something I like in the world. 🙂

What are you creating sweet reader? heehee