Let’s face it. People who have had something terrible happened to them have very cool stories. We love listening to how they got over a terribly difficult situation because it reminds us of what we can personally achieve. I love listening to people who have overcome obstacles myself.

I am not one of these people though. I had a fairly happy childhood, I never had any terrible condition and nothing really bad every happened to me. And while I am SOOOOO grateful for all of this, it kinda suck too. It makes people listening to me a lot more difficult.

For a while I thought it meant I had nothing to offer. If did not have to surmount any obstacle, then no one can learn from me.

Then I met someone who has gone through many situations that can be labelled as “terrible”. He not only survived them but he is one of the kindest and most driven person I know.

He listens to me when I tell him a story. The fact that I have not had terrible things happen to me does not make me less interesting in his eyes.

Then someone else told me it proved I was a great creator. I have created an amazing life for myself where bad things don’t happen. And I am so grateful for all of it.

I just want to warn you though that in the next few days I will unashamedly tell you how I also created a very dramatic story for myself that I had indeed to overcome. The problem is, it is very clear I created this for myself.

For now, I will just ask: what other story can I tell that are not terrible that show the incredible power of creation we ALL have?

I wonder…… 🙂