change cloudsIn the Access Consciousness® classes that I teach we often talk about change and creating something different.

And the changes I see in people by the end of the classes are pretty phenomenal. Yet, for some, it’s challenging to pinpoint exactly what has changed.

If you ask me how my life has changed in the last couple of years, I can tell you easily what has changed in my career, my money and my relationships but it’s only the tip of the iceberg and I know it.

Dr. Dain Heer always says “it never looks like what you think it’s going to look like” and he is correct. Not only does change not look like what I thought it would look like but it also is so different that I can’t even call it change.

Yep, you heard right, change is so different that it does not look like change.

For change to be noticed, you would have to be looking at the situation from the same place than you were before change occurred. But with the Access® tools, you are not. You are looking without the limitation you cleared or the fixed point of view you just dropped. So Change does not look like something different, it starts looking like a whole new creation.

Here is a little video where you will get some of what I am talking about :