Who is Sophie?

She is a DD, Definitely Different. 

Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator

Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator

I am a trained Business Analyst and Business Administrator. I am a trained Energy Healer, an Intuitive and a Facilitator of Consciousness. I love spreadsheets, doing stand up comedy and knowing what people try so hard to hide.

I was never like the regular kids. I was always highly aware of other people’s emotions and either reacted to them or completely ignored them.

I searched for a long time to make peace with all of it and also to become “extraordinary” in order to create the life I knew was possible. I used the Law of Attraction, EFT, Landmark Education and various forms of spirituality to get somewhere.

But nothing made sense until I came to Access Consciousness®. The tools of Access are simple yet completely transformative. They make sense and they are also so different that they could be called “controversial”.

But most of all, they freed me and allowed me to BE the person I knew I already was.

How does it get any better than that?

With this website, I seek to give you the tools to create greater possibilities for yourself and the world. May it be through a session, a class, a blog post, a video, or something I shared, my target is for you to know that you know.

All the while, I will be asking how can this be fun?

Feel free to explore and contact me if you have any question!