sophie talkingSophie is taking the world to a whole new level with her public speaking. Trained by Toastmasters International and Blossom Benedict (Right Voice For You®), she uses her ability to perceive where people are stuck to speak to their biggest fears and bring them to a place where they can create beyond any fear they ever had.

A “Provocateur” was someone hired to be a challenger, to provoke something different.

Sophie’s speeches don’t simply motivate or inspire people. They create.

During a speech, Sophie looks at where her audience is and using the tools she uses in her workshops she takes them to new levels of possibilities.

From these possibilities, people can now create new realities for themselves and their organizations that do not include any of the fears or preconceived notions they thought they had to function from.

What is possible that you have not considered yet for you and your organization?

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