don't make senseI teach classes where we say weird stuff. (Yep, I just admitted that I am weird). We say stuff that even though it’s in English, your brain will not be able to comprehend it. The reason being that your brain in the way of you living your life.

We have a saying in Access: “The Brain is a terrible thing, waste it”. The brain / mind can only comprehend what it knows. But every time you create your life, you create something new (unless you want to repeat what you already created, in which case, this may not apply to you). 

And how could you create something new if you are using the parameters, references and points of view that your brain holds in place. You can’t.

So waste your brain / mind please.

Instead, use your awareness.

I had no idea what using my awareness meant so I basically did the opposite of what “made sense”. Like calling someone twice even though they never responded the first time  – today she is one of my closest friend and one of my biggest supporters.

Or saying I love you to someone I had never met in person – ended up marrying the guy and making babies with him.

Or take a job I did not want to take because they told me in this job I had to ask a lot of questions – and ended up with more money than originally promised and more time to be me (since no one watches what I do I end up working at my speed – ie the speed of space – and do much more than humanly possible). Heehee

Like I said in the title, when it all stops making sense, that’s when you start making the money, the great sex, the time, and the real adventure of life. So why don’t you leave your mind alone and start being you?

I dare you!