How many people do you know left the job they hated because they were becoming sick and tired of not being happy?

How many people start creating more money when they have big debts?

How many people start taking care of themselves when they are really sick?

And how many people change anything when they can’t bear the situation anymore?

Many, right?

What if we did not have to wait for things to be terrible, awful, painful for us to choose to change them? What if we chose to change things simply because we knew it would create something greater?

I like this a lot better. I often find myself choosing to call someone for “no reason” and then find out that person had been thinking about me.

I remember a friend of mine telling me she wanted to connect me with someone looking for sessions of the healing modality I offer (Access Consciousness The Bars) and connecting us on Facebook. That situation is pretty frequent for me and I usually wait for the person to get in touch with me. For “no reason”, I felt compelled to start a conversation with that person and found myself talking to him every day. Today he is my boyfriend.

I would even go as far as saying all the great things that happened in my life happened for “no reason”. I did not have to go through something dramatic first, it just showed up. In fact, my favorite job to date came through a phone call I almost did not take because I was watching my favorite show on television.

So yes, it is a lie that we need a big reason or justification for something to change. We don’t. In fact, when we live our lives, be ourselves, things show up as if by magic. Our magic!