You may have noticed that sometimes I say or do crazy stuff. It may not be crazy to you if you are one of my friends (I have crazy friends) but it is to many.

I like it. If people say I am crazy or even just weird it can mean several things:

  • I make them uncomfortable and they don’t like it. Calling me crazy is a way for them to separate from that sense of being uncomfortable. It really is not about me and if they are aware of how uncomfortable I make them I brought some awareness to their world. Cool!
  • I am original. I am unique. If someone says I am crazy, they are acknowledging I am doing something either no one or very few people are doing. I like to be original!

How does it make me money?

First, it’s easier for people to recognize me. I had a picture of me with blue hair on Facebook and I loved when people came up to me during workshops I attended and said to me “I loved your blue hair!”. The easier it is for them to recognize me, the faster they can make a decision to pay me or buy from me.

Second, if I am being judged and I don’t react to the judgment (whether it is positive or negative) I become a space, an energy that many people wish they be. Many people spend their lives worrying about what others think of them so when they meet someone (like me) who does not, they want to know what I am doing / how do I do that and will most likely either pay me or buy from me because of it.

This is really great. I love that we have reached a place in our personal development where original, unusual and judgement free people are sought after. It makes me more confident in the future of our species.