Yes I do love frying your brain.

This sentence is so true I wish everyone could see it.

The people who are the happiest, the ones who you see win everything, get the money, feel good about themselves, have the great relationships are the people who SEE and RECEIVE that they have won before, that they are receiving money, that it’s easy for them to feel good and that their relationships are wonderful.

Does it mean they don’t have bad days? Nope

Does it mean there is nothing they wouldn’t change about their lives? Nope

It just means the first thing they choose to see, the first thing they choose to think about at every moment is what they can receive from this moment.

If you know this, it becomes pretty easy to know who is going to succeed in what they do. They are already talking like a successful person. It’s easy to spot people happy in relationships. They are already surrounded by amazing people they love.

Are they some people you just don’t feel good when you are around them? How do they talk? What do they tend to think about? Notice what their focus is and you will know what it is they are choosing in their lives.

I had a fight with my 10 year old daughter last night. And then right after our fight she fell asleep while holding my hand. That gesture was so sweet that none of the energy of the fight remained and today we are having a fun, sweet day.

What could you change from the past depending on what you are choosing to remember?

What can create now depending on what you are seeing?