I went shopping for clothes and as I was trying on a dress I felt extremely sad.

The dress was cut in a way that would hide my womanly forms. No waist, nothing around the breast, it was simply a bag of fabric with a whole at the top and one at the bottom.

This dress was made by a well-known, respected French designer.

I started by feeling very sad that someone thought the woman body should not be seen. Then I felt angry because every single store around had the same kind of clothes. Very few actually showed any shape.

You all know from my naked pictures that I am not model size, and I have a bit of fat on my waist. It would be easy to assume I do not wish for my waist to be seen.

However, my body is my body, I like it, and my waist has a wonderful hilly shape I would not trade for anything.

It is not up to the designers to decide what I should show or not. I just wish they would not assume I wish to hide.

I let these interesting points of view for quite a few days now, and I am tired, my body is heavy and I am not joyful self. I AM DONE WITH THIS SH*T!!!!

It’s not enough to say that women are beautiful just the way they are. Show them it’s true. Make clothes that show off our fat, our unbalances and our smiles. Stop trying to hide us, we are not interested.

Rant over 🙂